Symbols of the South

There are many symbols of the South. The most recognized, most revered and most misunderstood (and misused) is the Battle Flag. But, Southern heritage does not just revolve around a flag. Just as the Liberty Bell, Mt. Rushmore and the National Anthem are all symbols of this nation, there are many types of symbols of the South beyond the flags alone.

Here, you get a short 'tour' of what we think it means to be Southern. The various symbols here are not only shown, but also their significance is explained. What you will not find here are symbols of 'hillbillies', minstrels or cultural extremists. You won't find them here, because they are not what the South is really about, any more than this nation is about urban blight, 'glass ceilings' and violent crime.

It is the aim of this section to strip away the stereotypes and prejudices and show you what the symbols of Southern culture and heritage are and mean.

The symbols are presented in the follow groups:
Flags & Banners