News from the Front

Project Wave
On February 18, 2002, the Camp voted to support Project Wave through the purchase of three memorial flagpoles flying the REAL Georgia State Flag.

This map shows the location of our three flagpoles and to whom they were dedicated:

Flags with poles can be purchased for the materials cost of $33. For more information about this movement visit the Project Wave site at:

Success in Mississippi
Despite the efforts a a small group of Politically Correct activists, the citizens of Mississippi have spoken and saved the Mississippi State Flag. The politicians in Georgia could learn a few things about representative government from the State of Mississippi. Our congratulations to the citizens of Mississippi on their success in both maintaining their flag and in electing a government that cares about what the people want.

"...the defense of the Confederate soldier's good name, the guardianship of his history..."
- Charge of the Sons of Confederate Veterans