Camp Officers
Commander:   John Care
Lt. Commander:    Pat Gibson
Adjutant:    Stephen Combs
Treasurer:    John Care
Group Moderator:    Jonathan Nutt
Webmaster:    Michael Duminiak

Date:   The third Monday of every month (except November)
Time:   7:30 - 8:30 pm
Location:   200 Allison Road, Willow Grove, PA

The Camp Today:
J.E.B. Stuart Camp 1506 primarily serves members in the Delaware Valley. It is part of Lee's Keystone Division (the Pennsylvania Division) which is part of the Army of Northern Virginia.

The Camp is active in promoting living history, re-enactments, heritage preservation and community service. Representatives from the Camp attend living history, memorial and educational events all year both in the area and around the country. On average, the Camp is active promoting its mission at over a dozen events, both alone and in conjunction with other Camps and organizations like the Heritage Preservation Association (HPA).

The HPA currently holds a joint meeting with the Camp to help keep the members aware of the heritage preservation issues around the nation.

Camp History:
The Camp was founded by Baxter Perkinson in 1995 and named for General J.E.B. Stuart to honor that Commander, with whom Baxter's ancestor rode. At first, the growth of the Camp was slow and the territory covered by the Camp covered all of Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey and was the only Camp in the Northern States. Enrollments began to pick up once the existence of the Camp was brought to the forefront at area living history events.

By 1999, members could be found all across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the States of New Jersey and Maryland. Due to the growth and success of this Camp, plans were begun to create a new Camp.

In 2000, a new Camp was created to honor the founder of this camp and the entension of the SCV above the Mason-Dixon Line. The W. Baxter Perkinson Camp 1926 was a milestone in the history of this Camp, as it demonstrated the growth and impact of this Camp in Pennsylvania. Despite the creation of W. Baxter Perkinson 1926, the area covered by the J.E.B. Stuart Camp was still too large to reasonably serve all of its members. Work began again to carve out new Camps.

In 2001, two new Camps were created to better serve the members in those areas, who could not reasonably travel to the meetings of this Camp. Brigadier General Lewis A. Armistead Camp 1960 serves the Pittsburgh area and Pvt. John Wesley Culp Memorial Camp 1961 serves the Gettysburg area, making a permanent presence of the SVC at that most hallowed ground.

This Camp, along with 1926, 1960 and 1961 were re-organized out of the Virginia Division into Lee's Keystone Division in 2001, with the first officers elected in 2002.